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Honor feminine consciousness to support women’s voices in shaping the psychedelic movement.​

Empower a diverse counsel of women in the psychedelic movement to strengthen systems thinking and decision making, deepen our capacity to overcome structural barriers, and to direct funding to high leverage woman-lead efforts.​

Bring together and connect female psychedelic organizational leaders (to educate and empower each other) for a collective impact

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The collaborative’s purpose is to advocate for and expand the inclusion of female leadership in the psychedelic movement while encouraging the movement to align with feminine consciousness. The Femtheogen Collaborative (FTC)  is a giving group of women across financial means, race, and background, who come together for 6-months to make a strategic investment in the field guided by feminine principles, collaboration and a deep common commitment to carefully weaving the future of psychedelics in our society.

The FTC  identifies current projects in the psychedelic space that meet co-established criteria, and support these organizations towards higher leverage through democratically directed philanthropic gifts.  Through an in-depth analysis of the current psychedelic movement we will identify and fund organizations that provide steps and solutions to create change motivated by the psychedelic renaissance through the embodiment of feminine systems of organization, power, and impact.

FTC is part of a commitment by Riverstyx Foundation and others in philanthropy to democratize giving in order to increase efficacy in philanthropy.

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How do we support women in research to have the skills and opportunity to challenge academic structures, influence research agendas, and gain access to funding?

How do we make sure the female voice is represented publicly at psychedelic and academic conferences?

How do we speak what we see in public spaces?


How do we implement and arrive at  economic models of “scaling up” that truly take care of all walks of life?

What are our values and beliefs as a movement?

How is the honor for all life at the core of our decisions and behavior? 

In the momentum of the movement, how do we discern the need to slow down? 

What is the status of our reciprocity to indigenous and First Nations traditions?


What is needed for key projects to positively impact the future of psychedelics? 

How can we bring smaller grass roots organizations and projects into the spotlight and conversation? 

How do we diversify philanthropic efforts towards these projects?

How do we bring feminine consciousness into strategic thinking and design?

What are the questions you are asking in this renaissance?

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We will step together into a deeply engaged role in shaping the future of how plant and psychedelic medicines become primary supports for the future we want to live in. Women participating in this program cultivate knowledge, understanding and skills to be engaged philanthropists, participate in movement building, and shape emergent strategies for a truly healthy movement. We use the mystical to develop practical skills in fundraising, leadership, public speaking and collaborative decision making.

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Thank you in advance for showing interest in our work at The Femtheogen Collaborative.
We receive many inquiries throughout the year, and are excited to hear from you as we prepare the ground for future cohorts.

To be considered for FTC 2022 as a Participant or Presenter please fill out this form

If you are interested in supporting our work with a financial contribution,  please contact:

Thanks for submitting!

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The financial support of the FTC to these women helps immensely to strengthen the resilience of these indigenous communities while also helping to assure the continuation of the tradition as new initiates begin to prepare to become the next generation of elders.

ONCA - Iboga Initiative

Thanks to funds from organizations like Femtheogen, elderly women healers were able to organize hands-on pedagogical activities that strengthened botanical, medicinal practices and knowledge.

UMIYAC - Grantee Partner 2020

I think the things that touched us about FTC were: The criteria of holding a reciprocal relationship to the project, a relationship that is not primarily aimed at the receiving end of the exchange but arises from a deep connection to the work and a wish to offer something through the work that will empower. The wish to empower something that is undervalued. The organic movement that arises from deep engagement and active listening. The intimacy. The collaborative venture that seeks to bring others in to co create with. The care. The vulnerability. The wish for fairness. The dreaming.

FTC Participant - In response to: What key questions or issue areas have you deepened your understanding of through the FTC program?

Critiques of the industry and culture of clinical therapy settings, as well as novel solutions and explorations. How to support the entheogenic emergence so that finances flow to be integrity with cultural diversity and protection, and to address the systemic changes these medicines have the potential to assist with.

FTC Participant - In response to: What key questions or issue areas have you deepened your understanding of through the FTC program?

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