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The collaborative’s purpose is to advocate for and expand the inclusion of female leadership in the psychedelic movement while encouraging the movement to align with feminine consciousness.
The Femtheogen Collaborative (FTC)  is a giving group of women across financial means, race, and background, who come together for 6-months to fundraise for a strategic investment in the field guided by feminine principles, collaboration and a deep common commitment to carefully weaving the future of psychedelics in our society.

The FTC will identify current projects in the psychedelic space that meet co-established criteria, and support these organizations towards higher leverage through democratically directed philanthropic gifts. 

Through an in-depth analysis of the current psychedelic movement we will identify and fund organizations that provide steps and solutions to create change motivated by the psychedelic renaissance through the embodiment of feminine systems of organization, power, and impact.

The Femtheogen Collaborative is part of a commitment by Riverstyx Foundation and others in philanthropy to democratize giving in order to increase efficacy in philanthropy.

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A Distinct Identity

When the group was initially formed we used the name “Women’s Psychedelic Funding Collaborative” which we discovered to be too dry and literal in its use. One evening we were gathered around the dinner table at The Bioneers Conference throwing out words “Theo” “Fem” “Entheogen” and “Femtheogen” came rolling onto the paper as we wove together the two words that align with the mission and purpose of our group,“feminine” and “entheogen.” We were compelled by how their ability to heal and transform is also at the root of their suppression in Western Culture (Papaspyrou, Baldini, Luke, 2019).

Papaspyrou, M., Baldini, C., & Luke, D. (2019). Psychedelic mysteries of the feminine: creativity, ecstasy, and healing. Rochester, VT: Park Street Press.

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