Webinar 1

Introduction - Program and the Psychedelic Movement Today.

Retreat 1

Feminine Consciousness, Power and Deep Movement Strategy.

Phase 1

Growing Movement Understanding

The participants will perform a critical review, as well as a needs assessment of the psychedelic movement today. They engage collectively in the design of grantee criteria.


Phase 2

Empowerment: Fundraising, Leadership, and Project Identification

Webinar 2

 Proposal research and development

Retreat 2

Retreat 2: Funding Female Leverage

Participants will divide into focus groups to research and identify projects and organizations with female leadership to receive grants. Participants will focus on fine-tuning of  fundraising skills.


Phase 3

 Expanding Community Engagement

Focus groups will develop proposals and conduct site visits with potential grantees. During retreat 3, we will finalize grant recipients.

High leverage projects will be awarded a minimum of $20k grants each. Supplemental fundraising efforts made during the program, will be matched for additional funds to be gifted.


Webinars 2-6 will focus on the proposal development process, and will include guest female speakers who have been key to the psychedelic voice to this day.

Webinar 3-6

 Proposal research and development

Retreat 3

Story-telling, Gifts and Celebration

Webinar 7

6 month review in support of  projects 
Spring  2021

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