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Julie Megler

Lead Facilitator

My dedication to entheogens has been inspired by my own first-hand experience of healing and creative inspiration since my youth. I discovered that plant medicine is best practiced when appropriately supported, and it has become part of my path to give back to the community by sharing and expanding on the guidance I have been lucky enough to receive along the way.

I am a licensed family medicine and psychiatric nurse practitioner. In addition,  I am the co-founder of Sage Integrative Health, a primarily women-led, multidisciplinary health and wellness clinic in Berkeley, California.

was invited by the Riverstyx Foundation to develop a program that would further female leadership and principles in the psychedelic movement. Since the summer of 2019 I have been inspired by this opportunity and have created The Femtheogen Collaborative alongside Miriam Volat and FTC advisors.

Miriam Volat


As an ecologist and soil biologist who has studied nutrient cycling in in agro-ecosystems , I personally and professionally to promote health in all systems.  I now work as the co-director of the Riverstyx Foundation where I get to merge my life’s goal of unity with practical and pragmatic efforts. Our work directly supports aspects of society that have been stigmatized or kept in the dark to be worked with in a way that brings healing. I especially enjoy working at  the intersection of biological and socio-cultural diversity. I have worked as a multi-stakeholder facilitator, researcher, educator and community organizer to increase broad-based community and ecological resiliency.


These days, I especially like working with death, excrement cycling (ie compost toilets), medicine conservation and conflict resolution. I deeply believe that entheogens have a role to play in creating the next chapter of how humans inhabit and tend our incredible home – planet earth. I’m also a mother, and feel it is my responsibility to be actively engaged in looking to the future.

SuOm Francis

Program Administrator

As a member of the Caribbean diaspora, I had always felt like I did not yet have access to (my) original methods for healing. As I deepen into my personal process of decolonization, the healing paths I'm led to walk, have offered a sense of community with the medicines and  their protectors.


Psychedelic medicines and the traditions woven in them, uncovered possibilities that had been otherwise out of reach. These medicines have been instrumental in stewarding me back to the traditions I hold within my own lineages.

Through my role as the program administrator for the Femtheogen Collaborative I aim to actively and directly contribute to the re-integration of Ancestral paradigms of healing and medicine sovereignty through a bio-cultural perspective rooted in feminine principles for our collective liberation.

Beyond my work in the collaborative I am a designer and lead of Diasporic  Apparel. I also work in graphic design, and food & medicine sovereignty planning.

With additional support by Riverstyx Staff, Jessica Stewart & Rene Tonalli