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Staff: Meet the Team
JulieMegler IMG_9412_edited_edited.jpg

Lead Facilitator


My dedication to entheogens has been inspired by my own first-hand experience of healing and creative inspiration since my youth. I discovered that plant medicine is best practiced when appropriately supported, and it has become part of my path to give back to the community by sharing and expanding on the guidance I have been lucky enough to receive along the way.

I am a licensed family medicine and psychiatric nurse practitioner.

In addition, I am the co-founder of Sage Integrative Health, a primarily women lead, multidisciplinary health and wellness clinic in Berkeley, California.
I was invited by the Riverstyx Foundation to develop a program that would further female leadership and principles in the psychedelic movement. Since the summer of 2019
I have been inspired by this opportunity and have created The Femtheogen Collaborative alongside Miriam Volat and FTC advisors.

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